Today, Joe Stucky, Animator/Concept Design/Storyboard Artist, shared more of his concepts and first draft of boards which have brought to life the key moments of the opening two scenes of Chasing Daylight.  His work makes the world take shape without having to travel and has been helping me ask/answer story questions that have been hard to nail down.  Joe has a great economy of image that comes with years of experience envisioning how animation frames, characters, and movement come together.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom you'll be rewarded by a few of the character concept sketches of Cooper and Lucia, two of my main characters.


Here are a couple of concepts for Cooper and Lucia.

Character of Cooper Concepts - by Joe Stucky

Lucia Character Sketch - by Joe Stucky


The Screenplay

The script is in its third stage of revisions and scene three still needs WORK with the target of the end of March to be in script lock to allow me to really begin to dig in to directing homework, beat analysis, shot design, casting and location scouting with the target of principle photography this June. 

The Teaser Trailer and Fundraising

The trailer is in the homestretch with a pretty final mix in the works after my sound designer finishes the feature he's working on and puts the tracks back on their feet again.  With some help with color and tweaking the saturation and contrast in the color space of the BlackMagic camera it'll be ready to roll soon, officially beginning the fundraising portion of this whole adventure.  I plan to have a semi-public screening for cast, crew and student.  I am extremely grateful to my teaser crew.